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Classified as one of the Romance languages, Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, among other nations. With over 204 million native speakers of Portuguese across the world, Portuguese can rightfully be regarded as an essential language for anyone dealing in international affairs.








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Hi, my name is Jorge Cosme and I`m specialized in the Translation Industry. I translate from German and French into Portuguese. Now, I work as Translator at Jorge Cosme, Serviços de Tradução. I love work with passionate people and sharing what I`ve learned with them. This website is my window to the world, where you can find more about me and my work, and then get in touch for a chat about potential projects.

I do medical, legal and general translation.




I have a Linguistics degree (French and German) in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. I`ve made Erasmus in France. At the beginning of my working life, I've worked five years in a trading center in Germany. Since 2014, I've done some professional translation courses and I work as a professional freelance translator. I decided to dedicate myself full time to translation, my real passion. Currently, in my free time, I'm working on improving my Russian (I`ve studied two years Russian at the University), and my English.


My Portuguese writing skills are excellent and your Portuguese documents will gain in credibility with improved style, superior grammar and exceptional syntax. I also work as a Proofreader. My life, and my hard work, allowed me to gain experience in many domains, and I believe that this gives me an advantage when I translate. I receive positive feedback about my work from many of my clients.  I'm sure you'll be the next one! High quality of translation is always my priority.

I've skills in many areas, but I accept only the projects that I can translate perfectly. I've more experience in some areas, namely: Medicine; Law; Healthcare; Tourism&Travel; Marketing; Pharmacy; Chemistry, Biology; Geology; Business; User Manuals. In a world that is more and more interconnected, good quality translations are a potential source of value added.

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